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Farming for a Better World

Committed to caring for cows, people and the land.

Using our farming business as a force for good has always been important to our family, that's why at McCarty Family Farms, we believe in doing things right. For us, that means meeting the highest standards in animal welfare, utilizing regenerative farming practices and implementing business practices that can make a real impact for our team and in our community.


Our Cows

McCarty Family Farms is home to more than 17,000 registered Holsteins. We combine progressive genetics with excellent care to help our dairy cattle effectively and efficiently produce top quality milk.

Our Environment

As 4th generation farmers, we strive to be responsible stewards of the land. By utilizing the latest technologies and proven regenerative practices, we are working to preserve and regenerate our land for future generations.

Our Team

We depend on a diverse team of highly motivated people to help us care for our cows and the products they produce. We aim to be a rewarding workplace that our team members and community can be proud of.

Committed to Safe and Sustainable Products

In addition to dairy farming, we've grown our business to include other products and services to help us be even more sustainable.


Evaporative Milk Condensing Plant

Located on our home farm, the McCarty Family Farms processing plant is the only one of its kind in North America. Through our innovative evaporative milk condensing process, our milk's volume is significantly reduced by reclaiming milk's natural water content. Reclaimed water is used for irrigation while the reduced milk volume requires a much smaller footprint to send on to our customer.

McCarty Family Farms Grain

As part of a balanced diet, we feed a variety of non-gmo grains, forages and other nutritious ingredients to our dairy cows. With the recent purchase of a local grain elevator, now McCarty Family Farms Grains, we have brought our grain storage and processing capabilities closer to home.   In addition to storing our own grain, we are also offer storage, and grain trade options to the local farming community.


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