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Creating a Positive Environmental Impact

As 4th generation farmers, we strive to be responsible stewards of the land. By utilizing the latest technologies and proven regenerative practices, we are working to preserve and regenerate our land for future generations.

Regenerating the Soil

Soil sustains all life and we want to do our part to protect it. The crops used to feed our cows is grown with regenerative farming methods like no-tillage, cover cropping and precision irrigation. In addition to protecting the soil from erosion, these proven methods actually help regenerate the soil and increase carbon sequestration.


Supporting Biodiversity

All species big and small play an important role in supporting a healthy ecosystem. In addition to our work in regenerative farming, we also support biodiversity by planting trees, creating pollinator habitats and maintaining bird, bug and bat boxes around the farms. Today, we have more than 58 wildlife boxes in place and 25 acres of native plants for reserved for pollinators.

Conserving Resources

On our farms, every drop of water counts. As a water technology farm, we work with our local water district and have a conservation plan in place to ensure we always use water effectively and efficiently.  We also depend on innovative tools to help us conserve water. Technologies like soil moisture probes help us access the needs of our soil more accurately and efficiently in the fields.


Utilizing Technologies

On average, water from our farms is reused at least three times. To do even more for fresh water conservation, our innovative milk condensing plant helps us reclaim the natural waters from the cow's milk. We then use the reclaimed water for cleaning and crop irrigation, reducing our fresh water needs.

Managing Nutrients

Cow manure is a valuable source of nutrients for our soil. In addition to adding organic matter back to the soil, it also improves its water holding capabilities and reduces the overall need for synthetic fertilizers. To ensure we are managing these nutrients properly, we follow strict standards set and monitored by the EPA among other local and state organizations.


Caring for Cows

Combining excellent genetics, proper nutrition and first-class cow care helps our cows reach their optimal milk producing potential. Our attention to detail from soil to cup ensures our cows effectively produce top quality milk, more efficiently than ever before. In fact, our cows produce about 25% more than the average Holstein with the same amount of resources. 

Learn more about McCarty Family Farm's work in water technology

Verified Environmental Standards

Producing safe, high-quality milk in a socially and environmentally responsible way is important to us. We work with 3rd party experts to verify our farming and business practices including our environmental impact. We hold some of the most stringent certifications available which validates our work and helps us identify ways we can continue to improve.


Measuring Our Impact

To help us measure the effectiveness of our sustainability efforts and identify potential areas of improvement, we work with Eco Practices to assess our work. Check out our progress below. 

 2016 Benchmark 

2017 Progress Report

2018 Progress Report

2019 Progress Report

2022 Current Report

*These reports are McCarty Family Farms specific. For MVP Dairy reports click here.

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