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Hi. We're the McCartys

Our Story

McCarty Family Farms, located in Northwest Kansas, is owned and operated by fourth-generation dairy farmers Mike, Clay, Dave and Ken McCarty. More than 100 years ago, the McCarty family started and ended every day milking cows by hand in a small barn without electricity in northeast Pennsylvania. With a desire to continually improve, the family farm has grown to include five dairy farms, a milk condensing plant and grain storage facility.

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Our Mission

As a family and organization, McCarty Family Farms strives to create wholesome products in a sustainable manner. Using best management practices, our farm works to achieve the utmost in animal welfare, environmental stewardship, sustainable communities and the creation of a safe, rewarding work environment.

Our Standards

For us, it's not enough to say we are doing things right, we open our farm and management practices up to stringent third-party evaluators like B Lab and Where Food Comes From. In addition to providing verification, these evaluations also help us identify areas that we can improve upon and help us do even more for our people and planet.


Our Community

We value the communities in which our families and team members live and work. By supporting local schools, businesses and community groups, we know we can make a real difference in achieving a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Locations

Over time we have grown our herd and added more farms to the McCarty Family Farms family. Our flagship farm is located in Rexford, Kansas next to our condensing plant.

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