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Comfortable Barns

With the help of experts in animal welfare and dairy science, we designed our freestall barns around the needs of our cattle. We aim to create an environment that keeps our cows clean, healthy and happy by using time-tested care practices mixed with the latest in dairy care technologies. We've shared more about our barns' amenities below, but if you'd like to learn even more about how we care for our cows, visit our cow care section or contact us!

Sand Bedding

Our cows spend about 12-14 hours a day resting. To ensure they have a comfortable place to lay down, our freestall barns are furnished with recycled sand bedding. The cows love it because it shapes to their bodies providing them with a soft, clean place to rest. We love it because it is inorganic (which reduces bacteria growth, preventing potential illnesses) and we can continually recycle it.


Cooling Misters

A dairy cow's normal body temperature is about 101.6 F which is why they prefer cooler temperatures. To keep our cows cool in even the hottest months, are barns are equipped with misters. They operate on a variable rate frequency along with fans to create the optimum cooling effect while using resources efficiently.

Fresh Air

In addition to curtains that adjust depending on the weather, we utilize smart fans throughout our barns to ensure we are constantly distributing fresh air over the cows. The fans and curtains adjust to the temperature and humidity levels which more efficiently and effectively uses energy while maintaining proper airflow.

Cow Brush

Providing Enrichment

Sometimes you have an itch you just can't scratch which is why you'll find cow brushes throughout our freestall barns. In addition to providing a good back scratch hot spot, these brushes help groom the cows' "coats" while providing enrichment to their space, allowing cows to express their normal bovine habits.

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