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Cow Care

At McCarty Family Farms, the cows come first! We work to provide each cow with the best care, the most comfortable environment and a well-balanced diet specially formulated to meet their needs.

Excellent Nutrition

Excellent nutrition is an essential part of maintaining healthy cows. On our farms, fresh water and feed is always available. In fact, dairy nutritionists create specially formulated diets to meet the nutritional needs of our cows. Milk from our farms is Non-GMO Project Verified, which means we can only use Non-GMO ingredients. We mix alfalfa hay, corn silage, soybean meal, vitamins, minerals and other high-quality ingredients. The mix is then chopped to ensure each bite is perfectly balanced.

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Comfortable Housing

Our cows live in freestall barns specifically designed to create and maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment. From proper ventilation to soft sand bedding and slip resistant flooring, we've worked with dairy science experts to build and equip our barns from top to bottom with science-backed technologies to ensure our cows are happy and comfortable.    Read More >>

Predictable Milking Routine

Dairy cows are creatures of habit and thrive with a predictable and comfortable milking routine. Although our cows only spend about 10 minutes in the milking parlor three times a day, we aim to provide a calm and relaxing milking environment. Our parlors are equipped with smart fans and rubber flooring for added comfort while the dedicated milking team carefully preps each cow before putting the the milking unit into place. Once the flow of the milk slows, the unit automatically pops off ensuring we never over milk or cause any potential stress to our cows.

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Real-Time Health Tracking

Our highly trained animal health team utilizes a variety of tools and technologies that help to accurately record and monitor the health of each cow. Ear tags, EID buttons and activity trackers all work together to aid our care. For example, if a cow is due for a wellness check, vaccine or hoof trim,  she'll automatically be directed to the care team after she exits the milking parlor. In addition to helping with preventative care, our milking system and activity trackers also help us identify irregularities in cow's activity level or milk production which could be early signs of an ailment. 

Judicious Medical Attention

The well-being of our cows is a top priority and we work diligently to prevent potential illnesses through proper care, excellent nutrition and vaccination programs, but just like us cows can get sick. When a cow needs extra attention she'll enter a hospital pen to receive individual therapeutic care from our animal health team and/or Veterinarian. If the illness requires an antibiotic, the proper medication is administered judiciously and that milk is disposed of until withholding times are met. In addition to our own safety tests, all milk is tested again at the processing plant to ensure no antibiotic residue enters the milk supply.

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Learn more about McCarty Family Farms and our work with Where Food Comes From

Verifying Our Care

We work with experts in animal health and nutrition to ensure our cows have everything they need from balanced and nutritious diets to veterinarian care. We also work with 3rd party experts to verify our farming and business practices because it is important to us to produce safe, high quality milk in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We hold some of the most stringent certifications available to dairy farmers which validates our work and helps us identify ways we can continue to improve.

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